It’s just not OK to not do anything about it….

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Relationship problems, Self-Destructive Behaviours and Unhealthy Coping Strategies etc. are all signs that your body is trying to tell you something. THIS IS A GOOD THING! THIS IS YOUR INBUILT WARNING SIGN! You have all you need in this one body, including your own  self-protecting alarm system. How LOUD does it have to sound before you are AWARE? We do it with our physical bodies too. We ignore the signs because of FEAR. We know this is to our peril, but we hide away in denial. We usually make it to the Doctor though, and we’re glad we did. It’s a relief. Sometimes our loved ones convince us or even insist.

Why is it so hard to accept that we may have a problem with our Mental Health? Fear. Same reason.


                     AWARE. ANALYSE. ATTACK.


We heed our warning signs. We face up, and realise we have been out of control in either FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE.

What needs to change? What are our UNMET NEEDS? What interventions are available that will work?


CAUSES……..Burn out-physical and mental stress / emotional overload / deprivation or abuse / boredom-lack of creative stimulus / fear / lack of hope / over-thinking / environmental issues-money, job / lack of authenticity-not being honest / frustration-what’s your purpose? / unfulfilled- no joy…….


SEEK HELP!!!!!!!

Medicine……….TALK………….Exercise-Move!……Meditation…..Thought Control….Gratitude and Appreciation…Love and Physical Affection…..

Sometimes we all need a little HELP to HELP OURSELVES activate the AAAs.

Help is here.


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